Bridging Education and Neuroscience

Education 256B is a graduate seminar that introduces students to current research at the intersection of education and neuroscience, with focus on the development of literacy, math, and executive functions. There is additional emphasis on understanding research methodologies and potential implications of neuroscience for educational practice and policy.

Cognitive Development and Education

Education 187 is an advanced undergraduate seminar that introduces students to research on children's cognitive development with an emphasis on the role that experiences in school play in this development from early childhood through adolescence. Topics include current research in educational neuroscience. Additional emphasis on understanding research methodologies employed to study cognition and school context, and potential implications of cognitive research for educational practice and policy.

Instructional Apprenticeship in Teaching and Learning

Education 196C is a tutorial that involves training and supervised apprenticeship for advanced undergraduate students at UCLA Lab School, a K-6 elementary school on the UCLA campus. Students gain understanding of innovative educational work that goes into teaching and learning at UCLA Lab School through seminars, readings, observations, and discussions. Students also have individual meetings with faculty mentor throughout term. 

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